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When Ernie Garateix joined the startup team at Heritage Insurance in 2012, they were already deep into
the process of selecting a back-office provider. With a working knowledge of WPIS’s capabilities,
Garateix introduced them into the RFP process and WPIS became the selected BPO.
Heritage chose WPIS for their deep knowledge and proven track record within the Florida insurance
market, local presence, and commitment to have them up and running within 3 months. As planned,
WPIS successfully performed the takeout of 41,731 homeowner policies from Florida’s state pool and
rolled out the new voluntary homeowner line as scheduled.

Efficiency and expertise define WPIS for Garateix, who recalls numerous product launches and
enhancements which reached market in 90 days - because WPIS proactively offered frameworks and
suggestions so that Heritage did not have to internally build, risk implementation issues or re-invent the

“WPIS is highly proactive and responsive to our needs,” Garateix comments as he recalls a process
improvement workflow WPIS brought to Heritage to improve the way they were processing

Furthermore, Garateix values speed of delivery. “WPIS’s systems are configured to respond to change
requests within minutes rather than weeks. Whether a storm is coming or a certain line of business is
not performing as desired, with WPIS’s platform, we can shut down a zip code within minutes, resulting
in significant savings.” In his previous experience with large service providers, a change order would take
weeks for implementation, making certain risks unavoidable and limiting control over exposures.
Finally, Ernie Garateix values the consultative nature of the relationship with a smaller back-office
provider. “With a large provider, you don’t have a great deal of say in how things get done. The
relationship with WPIS is collaborative and consultative, a true partnership.”


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