Who We Are

We’re P&C industry veterans with a deep bench of testing, automation and BPO experience and expertise. We’ve earned a reputation for solving the most difficult system challenges by delivering customized software and business processing solutions on time and on budget.

Our History


In December 1999, Doug Vatter and John Jerger shared a common goal—to provide back-office insurance solutions to companies writing mobile home policies in Florida. They formed West Point Underwriters to fill that need. Next, they identified a gap in the systems available for MGAs, so they developed one to meet their specific requirements and help customers rate, bind and invoice a declaration page on-demand.


From the writing of our first mobile home policy in September 2000 to today, we’ve built upon our solid reputation to reach into other states, support additional lines of business and expand our market share. We strive for increased innovation, transparency and best practices to give our clients more control.


Now rebranded as West Point Insurance Services, our team of 120-plus specialists manage more than 600,000 policies.

Our Strengths

Mature Business Processes

Developed and refined over 16 years to help you improve your daily operations.


Giving you more involvement, oversight and control of business processes.

Annual Independent Verification

Providing you confidence through independent yearly updates of our processes, infrastructure and technology.

100% On-Shore Resources

We help you achieve speed to market—and remove language or geographic barriers—by relying on our home office team in Pinellas Park, Florida.

Our Core Values

Core Values
Customer Service

We’re dedicated to your needs and will strive to provide superior customer service at every opportunity.


We stand behind our promise to deliver the highest quality products and services by embracing a culture of accountability.

Innovative Solutions

We pledge to champion new ideas and turn them into innovative solutions to serve your needs.


We provide effective and efficient solutions, solve problems and remain fiscally responsible.


We pride ourselves in making our industry experts available to your requirements and needs.

Our Team

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